Follow the Example of a Daily Eating Plan

Follow the serving sizes from the Food Pyramid:



• Wholegrain or high fibre cereal or porridge* with low fat milk, or
• Boiled or poached egg
• Wholegrain bread or toast* with low fat spread
• Fruit juice or fresh fruit (chopped on cereal)
• Tea, coffee, milk or water

Mid morning snack

• Fruit such as apple, banana, pear, 2 plums or kiwis, or
• 1 dessert spoon of unsalted nuts or seeds


• Lean meat, poultry, fish, low fat cheese or egg (a small serving).
• A large serving of salad or vegetables or vegetable soup
• Wholegrain bread or small roll*
• Yogurt or glass of low fat milk
• Fresh fruit
• Tea, coffee or water

Mid afternoon snack

• Fresh fruit


• Fish, chicken, lean meat or alternative source of protein (a moderate serving)
• A large serving of a variety of vegetables or salad
• Potato, rice, pasta, yam or plantain*
• Glass of low fat milk or yogurt
• Fresh or cooked fruit
• Tea, coffee or water


• Tea or milky drink made on low fat milk.

* Number of servings depends on activity levels.

Children from 5 years of age should be offered smaller serving sizes and these can be increased up to regular serving sizes as the child gets older. It is very important that Top Shelf foods are limited for this age group so they do not fill up on calories from sugar and fat instead of eating healthy foods.

Last modified on 25/07/2015
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