Breakfast - important part of a weight loss program

Eating breakfast is an important part of a weight loss program. Research studies show that people who eat breakfast have a better chance of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.


Experts believe that breakfast keeps your metabolism running higher because skipping meals causes the body to kick into 'starvation' mode. Plus, women who eat a nutritious breakfast tend to make better dietary choices the rest of the day. 

Breakfast should include a healthy source of protein and plenty of fiber - that combination will help satisfy your hunger and will keep you feeling full until lunch time. A healthy breakfast doesn't need to be extravagant or take a long time to prepare.

Try something simple like a hard-boiled egg, a piece of 100-percent whole grain toast along with a cup of 100-percent fruit juice. Another easy and complete breakfast is a bowl of cold whole grain cereal (cold or hot) with berries and toast with peanut butter.

Last modified on 06/07/2015
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    Unfortunately, there's no particular diet that's been proven to relieve depression.

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