What to Avoid for a healthy eating?

We are not here to say what you should not eat ,but to help you educating about whole,fresh foods and how to automatically avoid the junk.

- First and one of the most badass is the REFINED SUGAR


This one works on our appetite - the more we eat the more we want. So we need to avoid something that we can live without and is bad for our health.

- Second one is REFINED FLOUR

The regular white flour that you find in everything (pasta,bread,pies...) as soon as we eat it breaks down into glucose which causes quick spike of your blood sugar and then a terrible crash . When that happens we feel like dead and without energy and then we want to eat again in about 5minutes .Try to change it with whole grain products

- Third Artificial SWEETENERS

This should be good but not .
Artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Splenda, Corn syrup, Agave are so much caloric and often mixed with fructose and chemicals .. Next!

- Forth TRANS FATS-found in lots of chips,crackers, popcorn and other snack foods .Always look for products with "non trans fats" and always check ingredient labels to be sure you are nourshing proprietly .

Bad ,bad , bad especialy for pregnant women . Look for "nitrate free"

Found in canned foods, salad dressings , spices, fast food...

Last modified on 15/12/2015
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