A Different 7-DAYS Lemon Diet plan Will Detox And Burn Fat

At this moment we are going to offer you a drink which will reduce the body fat , cleanse your whole body and squeeze into your daily diet . Lemon is the top element in this drink .

This extremely fruit is enough powerful to eliminate the waste and toxins from the digestive system .


Almost all people enjoy its health benefits and make use of it as regular routine . It will be ideal to make the drink the nighttime before consumption and juice it in the mornings .


Health advantages of consuming lemon water .

you should definitely stay with this diet for just one full week also it may become a practice in a quick time period .

Day 1

Add a few parts of lemon into a glass of hot water , let it stay for a a few min then drink it up . Use one more cup ( 50% ) in the morning and the other part before your dinner .

Day 2


Take a glass of lemon water when you wake up and afternoon and take in 2-3 liters of normal water throughout the day . To get more vitamins and also much better taste , put a few berry inside it .

Day 3

Drink a cup of lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach and a glass of hot lemon water during your lunch time . Take mineral lemon water in the daytime .

Day 4 and 5

Do it again the same process from the 3rd day

Day 6

Repeat the exact same process from the 3rd day , but limit the use of lemon juice to two glasses per day . It will be best to drink 1 each morning then one before the dinner time .

Day 7

Consume a glass of lemon water on an clear stomach in the morning .

While we already mentioned above , it is going to become your own program in a quick time period , which means you need to consume lemon water each day on an empty stomach and consume 2-3l of water every day so that you can always keep your body hydrated .

Burn the body fat and detox your entire body using this 7 day diet program . Make sure to eat healthy and fresh foods as often as you can !

Last modified on 27/01/2017
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