There is nothing more of a danger like having a health problem that slowly makes you lose your self-esteem.
If you nails are not strong and healthy, do not worry, you are not the only person getting this problem.
Antiperspirants mostly are based on aluminum compounds that can cause neurological problems as a result of the closure of the sweat glands. But the interesting thing is that sweat does not smell itself. Body odor comes from the bacteria that…
Make a home remedy that will literally regenerate your body within a few days. You need only three ingredients!
One of the main problems of men and women right now is dandruff.
There are several things that cause acne, to get rid of them you do not need nor expensive creams, nor drugs or long diets. All you need is to eat healthier. So you will get healthier, prettier, brighter and clearer…
There are plenty of chemical hair dyes on the market that can cover up gray hair, but many people prefer natural solutions.
Cellulite is an accumulated fat beneath the skin that is found mostly on thighs, hips and rear abdomen.