It Tightens The Skin Much Better Than Botox This 3 Ingredients Face Mask Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

You do not have to to spend too much money to look younger again ! We absolutely will not suggest plastic surgery treatment , but the following combination of organic ingredients will assist you to get the fountain of young .

You will definitely look very much younger than you ever believed !

This organic face mask includes just 3 components :


1 .2 teaspoon Coconut oil
1 Egg white
Ѕ teaspoon Fresh lemon juice
Directions :

Break the egg in a food bowl , split the egg white from the yolk , and whisk it with a fork until it foams . After that , put the lemon juice and coconut oil and blend nicely . This is all !

After that , clean the face nicely with lukewarm water and also soap , pat it dry with a soft towel , and apply the face mask . Use your fingers and easily massage the face in circular movement .

Let it stay to take action for fifteen mins , after that wash with water or chamomile tea . The results are recognizable immediately , as the mask will make blemishes , acne , and wrinkles disappear !

For optimum results , perform this method often and take pleasure in your smooth and fresh skin !

Last modified on 19/01/2017
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