The Women's Years are Best Reflected on the Neck. Hide the Years with Regular Neck Care

The Women's years are best reflected on the neck. So if you want to hide, follow the simple tips to care.


Regularly do peeling

The skin of the neck should be frequently cleaned of dead cells from other parts of the skin, so peeling is absolutely necessary. Instead of buying a special peeling, use sea salt, mix it with lemon and do the peeling. You may use face masks that will make your skin soft, smooth and delicate.

Avoid perfumes

The perfume that will inflict the neck is exposed to constant sunlight. It can cause irritation and even expulsion of the skin. More types of perfumes contain highly concentrated scents that are extremely sensitive to light compared to other cosmetic products. If you have sensitive skin, you are rubbed perfume on the body parts that you are protected by clothing.

Care of the neck

For the most effective care neck, try the following practices:

  • Wash the neck with hot water and shower gel.
  • Rinse good.
  • Pass the skin of the neck with a flock soaked in an appropriate toner.
  • Take a towel and soak with warm water, drain and wrap it around the neck.
  • After two to three minutes remove the towel, and
  • Quick after removal, apply a good moisturizer.
Last modified on 08/04/2016

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