How to make perfect curls without heat ?

There’s nothing quite like a head of gorgeous, bouncy curls

But struggling with hot tools, damaging our hair in the process? No thank you. So what’s a girl dreaming of a voluminous curl cloud to do? Turn to heat-free curling methods, of course! There are lots of ways to get beautiful, easy curls without heat, even if your hair is normally stick-straight—plus they’re ideal for doing on a lazy evening before bed so you can wake up with curly hair the next morning.


Classic! These are great. Inexpensive, easy, and soft on your head. You can use large foam rollers like these for mega-volume, or smaller ones like these for more curl. I love this tutorialfor how to keep your hair from getting dents in it when you sleep in foam curlers.


These flex rods make pretty tight, spiral curls. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get it down you can have your hair rolled pretty quickly.


Don’t overlook one of the quickest and most comfortable ways to get some nice waves in your hair! It took a while for me to learn how to french braid my own hair, but now it’s easy peasy. Try two french braids for smaller waves.

Overnight (No Heat) Waves Tutorial:

Before bed…

1. Wash your hair and let it air dry a bit. When your hair is slightly damp, split into 2 sections (right and left). Use a little curling cream if you like. Take a section and start twisting at the roots/base, all the way to the ends. Here’s the key: Twist well and make sure you’re combing your hair with your fingers as you’re twisting. You want to make sure even the ‘center’ of your twists are twisting too (think funnel of a tornado).
2. Once you’ve twisted to the ends, bring the ends to the crown of your head and clip (buy here and here). Then use 1-2 more to help keep the twist in place.
3. Twist the other side in the same direction (twist both sides away from face, or towards face). Bring the ends to the crown of your head right along the first twist. Use the same 2-3 clips to hold both twists in place. Re-position clips as needed, making sure both ends of the twists have a clip securing them.
In the morning…
• Remove the clips and piece the curls. Or just flip your hair over and back. Viola! You should be quite happy with your “Oh, I just rolled out of bed looking this good” waves!
• I didn’t use any hairspray, but spraying a little will help hold the curls even longer.

Additional tips:

1. Clips with the “no slip grip” are helpful. You can get them here and here.
2. Take a look at the 1st photo below. I used 2 smaller clips on the ends of my hair and used a bigger clip right in the middle to further secure the hold. Pay close attention to securing the ends properly so that the ends dry in the twists. This will help create uniform waves throughout the lengthen of your hair.
3. If you have super straight hair and are super picky about the ends curling just right… in the morning, unclip and while your hair is still in the twists, take a curling iron and lightly curl the two ends of the twists. Then flip your hair over to see your beautiful waves!
4. Don’t worry if your long hair is creating a long “u” shape in step 2 (see 2nd photo below). You may feel like you have floppy ears.
5. Since the twists are at the sides of your face, you can sleep comfortably on your back. Are you a side sleeper?! Sorry… well at least you can take this opportunity to change your sleeping position. Dermatologists recommend sleeping on your back over any other position anyway because it helps prevent premature wrinkles and aging on your face and neck! Just sayin.

Go to bed looking like this…


Last modified on 26/01/2016

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