AMAZING: 4 Gold Tips that Will Ensure Flawless Face!

There are several things that cause acne, to get rid of them you do not need nor expensive creams, nor drugs or long diets. All you need is to eat healthier. So you will get healthier, prettier, brighter and clearer skin.


1. Leave the food that inflamed stomach

Take a break from sugar, dairy products, corn and soybeans. At least briefly. A good idea is to reduce caffeine and alcohol. This is a typical anti-acne diet, but if you stick to it you will experience various benefits, including improvement of public health. Once again you feel better - eat this food, but moderate.

2. Try elimination diet

If you think you have a problem with sensitivity to a food, then elimination diet is a great way to find it. To make elimination diet need a period of one week to get rid of anything that you think could be causing your acne, indigestion or feeling tired after eating and then returning back to the diet, one group or one dish a day and see if the food or eating it causing you problems. If you discover that you have a problem with a particular food or group of products then perhaps it is better not to enter it in a while (or forever). Your skin and your stomach will be grateful.

3. Eat foods that heal

During the break of the foods that inflamed stomach or during the elimination diet would also be good to insert foods that heal. These include fermented foods like kefir and brine. Coconut water is also a good idea, and soup bones containing L-glutamine - an ingredient that helps in digestion. You can also insert and probiotics as supplements.

4. Take a break

It is important to be rested and low levels of stress to stay healthy. Not only that, stress can affect the digestive system and he causes any problems. Therefore, focus on relaxation, breathe deeply before you eat and chew food. Time for small breaks in your schedule regular breaks.

Last modified on 03/12/2015

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