The best way to Remove Pimples Overnight ( Naturally and Fast )

The look of a new , warm , reddish , or even prominent bad acne on the face could constantly spoil our feeling . Yet , you can find several very effective natural treatments that can help you clear away pimples totally organic and quickly .

These are generally the best natural home remedies to remove pimples immediately :

Tea tree oil

This organic oil has strong anti-bacterial characteristics , which eliminate microorganisms or even remove the tiny microorganisms which lead to acne . It works like a solvent and penetrates by the extra sebum .

Also , it removes old cells and unclogs the skin pores and takes care of the swelling and inflammation . You need to dilute the tea tree oil , by adding a drop of oil to 10 falls of water , after that put it on on the acne pimples .

At first , wash the face nicely , dry it , and also put on the mixed tea tree oil with a piece of cotton soaked in it . After 15 mins , clean the face once again . You can even mix up this oil with several drops of aloevera gel , and put it on on the acne using a piece of cotton . Let it rest to take action for twenty minutes and then wash .

Baking soda

Baking soda is an extremely functional treatment which is often of fantastic help in the therapy of acne also . It may also be utilized when it comes to delicate face .

Simply combine several drops of water with baking soda to make a gel , and apply the cream on a earlier cleaned face . Leave it to dry , but not any longer than 30-40 mins , and then clean it off with hot water . At the end , employ a moisturizing lotion .


Cucumber is high in vitamin C , A , E , and also minerals . Furthermore , it offers a cooling and relaxing effects on the face . It is best to cut a few pure cucumbers and soak them in water for 1 hour .

Later , strain the water and use it to clean the skin . You can even grind a great cucumber and make a face mask . Leave it to dry in the face for 10 mins . After that , wash with lukewarm water , this also can clean dirt and microorganisms and remove acne .

Orange peel

Based on the Cosmetic Skin doctor Rules and Practice , the acidity and vitamin C in oranges allow it to be an ideal acne and pimple cure . At first , clean the face to expand the pores , and apply the orange peel on the problematic parts .

Keep in mind that you can not apply the same peel for all acne , as it can certainly transfer the infection . After eliminating the peel , squeeze some orange juice , and soak a piece of cotton or swab inside . Put it on on the acne , and let it stay to take action for 15-30 mins .

Last modified on 03/02/2017

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