Beauty elixir! Why Should You Use Kiwis?

Kiwifruit, often known as Chinese gooseberry, is native to Chang Kiang Valley of China, with its cultivation dating back to the late 19th century.

It is known as the national fruit of China. The Chinese used to prepare a tonic out of this fruit – it is that healthy! However, it was the New Zealanders who identified the potential of this juicy and delicious fruit. They began cultivating it for business purposes. The New Zealanders changed its name in 1959 to kiwi after their national bird.

Skin Benefits:
- Rejuvenates Skin
- Cell Regeneration
- Keeps Skin Firm
- Prevents Skin Diseases
- Controls Excess Sebum Production
- Anti-Aging Properties
- Fights Acne
- Prevents Sun Damage
- Promotes Fairness
- Lightens Dark Circles
- Hair Benefits

Fights Hair Loss
- Collagen Formation On Scalp
- Is Good For Dry And Rough Hair
- Prevents Premature Graying

Last modified on 25/01/2017
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